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Nullable DateTime

first post: neozack wrote: Hi, How can I configure Fabricator so that by default Nullable el...

What am I doing wrong?

first post: mxmissile wrote: var value = Fabricator.Generate<string>(); throws an exception, no...

latest post: rickrat wrote: You need to create a class for this. ``` public class SampleData {...

New release

first post: japurane wrote: Hi, thanks for making Fabricator. I've used it a couple of times n...

Looks great!

first post: ivoloshin wrote: I'm trying out your framework and it looks great so far! I just hav...

Like so far!

first post: MikeHamilton wrote: just downloaded this after seeing it in the list of packages in NuG...

latest post: MikeHamilton wrote: I blogged about my experience at

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